Cara Visits Olney | Episode 60

In this week’s episode, Cara talks about her trip to Olney, the former home of William Cowper and John Newson and the birthplace of Olney Hymns. We talk about the idea of memorial churches, Cowper’s love of animals, and the history of the pancake race. All that and more!

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The Cowper Memorial Church, Olney
The sofa Cowper’s friend Jane Austen dared him to write a poem about. The poem can be found here.
Examples of the lace that the women of Olney would make by hand.
Cowper’s (mildly horrifying) homemade ‘Electrifying Machine’, used to relieve the symptoms of Mary Unwin’s stroke.
St Peter’s and St Paul’s Parish Church where Newton ministered during his time at Olney.

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