Category: Music Styles

Hillsong Exposed: The Method Behind the Music | Episode 83

Following on from our previous episode, we’re taking a deeper look into the method behind the music of churches like Hillsong. We’re looking at the origins of the Pentecostal and Revivalist movements, and we’re going to try to answer the million dollar question: should Christians sing these songs at church?

Part 1: The Man Behind ‘Messiah’ with D. J. Bulls and Dr Aaron Rice | Episode 79

Today, we’re kicking off a short series on Handel’s ‘Messiah’ with special guests D. J. Bulls and Dr Aaron Rice. We’re looking the man behind this epic piece, discussing how Handel was instrumental in forming the music of an era, and analysing why his music has stood the test of time. All that and more!

Confessio, Traditional Music, and Hymn Singing — with Keith Getty | Episode 62

In today’s episode we are talking to special guest Keith Getty. We’re speaking about his brand new album, Confessio: Irish American Roots, how traditional music should be considered in the church, and why the hymns of old are so, so sweet. All that and more!

Olney Hymns: A Monument to Friendship | Episode 51

We’ve covered quite a few hymns, so in our newest episode, we thought we’d dig into the history of a hymnbook. We’ll be looking into the very special friendship of John Newton and William Cowper and how this led them to create one of the most influential hymnals in the English language: Olney Hymns. To …

Psalms for Singing with Matthew David Montgomery | Episode 49

This week, Matthew David Montgomery joins us to share about his album, Psalms for Singing. We talk about instruments in worship, the best psalter for those who are newer to the Psalms, and Matthew shares with us some of his own favourite Psalms and hymns. All that and more!

Blessed Assurance: A Fanny Crosby Classic | Episode 41

We’ve mentioned the Queen of Gospel so many times, but this week we’re finally taking a look at one of Fanny Crosby’s best known hymns, Blessed Assurance. We’re going to talk about the incredible life of the hymnwriter herself, hear in her own words how Blessed Assurance came to be written, and we’ll be reminded …