Tag: Church History

Hillsong Exposed: The Method Behind the Music | Episode 83

Following on from our previous episode, we’re taking a deeper look into the method behind the music of churches like Hillsong. We’re looking at the origins of the Pentecostal and Revivalist movements, and we’re going to try to answer the million dollar question: should Christians sing these songs at church?

The Church’s One Foundation | Episode 52

We’re tackling an important topic this week as we dig into the hymn, The Church’s One Foundation. We’ll be looking into the controversies surrounding the writing of this hymn (and its tune), questioning our attitude towards the church, and reminding ourselves just how much Christ loves his precious bride. All that and more!

Hymns in the New Testament With Pastor Daniel Funke | Episode 33

It’s with great excitement that we bring to you our first ever guest – the pastor, the publisher, the secret third member of the Hymnpartial team. . . Daniel Funke! In this episode, Daniel explains to us why people think there are hymns in the new testament, where we can find them, and why they …